Friday, November 07, 2008


Well, that was fun.

Let's see what we've got here. We have a president who's arguably less qualified than the republican candidate for vice president that everyone says is dangerously unqualified and is only too willing to mock. Which would make him the least qualified of all four candidates.

We have a president with a history of [not just acquaintances with, but] long friendships and working associations with anti-American crackpots, radicals, and scoundrels. Associations that would have doomed the candidacy of any republican.

A president who can accurately be described as not just pro-choice, but pro-abortion without a trace of hyperbole.

A president who seems entirely comfortable talking about taxes using redistributive rhetoric. A president who pays lip service to private enterprise and entrepreneurship and giving a tax break to the middle class (ie: raising the total tax burden of the middle class) yet is more than willing to punitively tax the very people who create jobs at all levels of the economy. Who talks not of merely 'paying their share' but 'spreading the wealth' 'for the sake of fairness'. Never mind that we are rapidly approaching a tipping point where more than 50% of the electorate will pay no federal taxes yet still receive financial benefits at the expense of the minority, thereby having representation without taxation; the very opposite of the American Revolution. Reasonable people can have legitimate disagreements over whether he fits the technical definition of a socialist, communist, collectivist, whatever. Whatever it is, it's bad.

A president utterly unserious about energy policy. A president who recognizes our need to disengage from foreign oil (indeed all oil) but instead of building a bridge of conventional energy to get us there (as alternative-energy technology and market forces catch up), will ignore fuels on our own land under the guise of environmentalism, 'consider' (ie: not consider) clean, safe nuclear power. A president happy to artificially raise the price of (and tax and regulate out of existence) conventional fuels to spur demand for alternatives that are not yet ready to pick up the slack.

We have a Democratic vice-president who can talk for forty-five minutes using big five dollar words but has been ridiculously, spectacularly wrong on every foreign policy issue for decades. And is well on his way to a 'page-a-day' calendar of gaffes to rival Bush's.

We have an election that has, thankfully, been decided beyond the margin of error and probably beyond the margin of fraud. But let's not forget about all that fraud, okay?

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On the most superficial of levels I'm glad a black man can be elected President but geez what a price to pay. I wish it could've been Thomas Sowell or Michael S. Steel but profound disagreements and reservations aside, my prayers and good wishes go to President-elect Obama. Good luck and Godspeed.

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