Friday, June 03, 2011


Well, since pretty much nobody has read this thing for years, I figure this is as safe as locking myself in the closet to primal scream for a few minutes. Apologies in advance for any NSFW language or any friendships ended after stumbling across this, but a few random and not-particularly-consequential events have produced the need to seriously Hulk-out for a few minutes:

WTF is wrong with this miserable carbuncle of a president? WTH is wrong with this entire administration? I keep vacillating between 'evil' and 'incompetent' but neither seems adequate to explain the actions that are systematically destroying our economy and our very way of life. On purpose!

Why will this pretentious, arrogant, lying, human toothache not just go away? Yeah, I know people said the same thing about Bush for eight years. Believe me, I know. They didn't like the war. They didn't like the 'imperial presidency'. WTH is this collegiate asshat doing that's not making everything much, much worse? I simply cannot believe that people are talking like he might be reelected. If that happens, I'm done. I'm officially a Democrat. The company goes under and the burger-flipper making minimum wage can be the new rich who has to step up and pay his fair share to me. I'll want my own bailout and I'll demonize anyone who says I don't deserve it, and I'll use whatever cheap-ass Chicago thug tactics I have to, to get mine. Every single problem will be the responsibility of the government to address and pay for, and since I will have every single problem I can think of, you guys can all support me. Doesn't that sound great?!

I'll vote for Palin. I'll vote for Cain. I'll vote for Pawlenty, whoever. Hell, I'll vote for Trump. I will vote for a bag of wet toast before I vote for this bowing, golfing, demagoguing, dulcet-toned, ugly-wife-marrying crapsuit. I have a dream that Chris Christie and Paul Ryan and Mitch Daniels and Thaddeus McCotter will join to form a Super-Voltron-like robot of justice with Zombie Reagan for the head. But that might not happen, so I don't know what to do then. I'm just very tired of him dismantling the country and knowing that it's going to continue for a while longer.

Dear Mr. President, please stop it.

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